Shiver! RPG Core Book

Shiver! RPG Core Book

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HIVER is a tabletop roleplaying gxame bringing tales of the mysterious, the peculiar and the strange to life. An easy to learn and innovative game system inspired by a love of horror films and pulp TV shows that brings storytelling to the fore. Shiver makes it simple for you to tell the stories you want to tell, however weird and wonderful they may be.

Take on the role of archetypal characters from any story, time, and place to uncover the dark truths that lurk in the shadows of the world. Unmask the villains, go boldly into the unknown… and while you’re at it, try not to die.

With the SHIVER Core Book you can play with the full dynamic Archetype game system featuring: 

  • 224 Full Colour pages jammed packed with illustration.
  • Highly detailed character creation for any setting.
  • Monsters and enemies galore to slay or do some slaying.
  • Full Doom Clock rules to keep your story moving and raise that tension.
  • Thought death was the end of your story? Think again and get haunting.
  • Full rules for both Players and Directors (Game Masters).
  • A suite of weapons and items from the generic to the esoteric.