Lorcana Into the Ursulas Return Championship

Lorcana Into the Ursulas Return Championship

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Come and prove your skill as an Ilumineer!
Get questing and become the Store Champion!
Book early to avoid disappointment

Registration - 12pm
Start Time - 12:30 pm
Entry - £20
Format - Core (Constructed)
Rounds - 50 minutes, best-of-three games (Top Cut matches are untimed)

Structure = Swiss Rounds and possible Top Cut, depending on attendance (9+ players will trigger a Top Cut)
Capacity = 32

Decklists = A full list of the cards being used in your deck will need to be submitted (either in person or via Melee). Decks must be a minimum of 60 cards and no more than two inks.

Players will receive Prizes based on standings
Winner - Ursulas Return Champion playmat
Runner-up - Ursulas Return Runner-Up playmat
Top 4 - Alternate art Stitch - Ursula promo card

This tournament will be run using the Melee software. All participants must have a Melee account (please go to melee.gg to make an account).
Electronic devices capable of long-term data storage and/or internet access are not permitted for use during games (for example, you may not use your phone for the Disney Lorcana TCG Companion app for tracking lore).