Innistrad : Midnight Hunt Pre Release Tickets

Innistrad : Midnight Hunt Pre Release Tickets

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We are once again returning to Innistrad and you get the chance to return a week early with our prerelease event.

We will be running three events over the course of the weekend to celebrate the Harvesttide festival with the denizens of the plane and help them stave off those pesky werewolves. 

Innistrad Midnight Hunt Prerelease Sealed Event

4 Rounds

Where?  -  Old Toll Bar : 1 Paisley Rd W, Glasgow G51 1LF
When?  -  Saturday 18th September : 12pm - 4pm
                Saturday 18th September : 5pm - 9pm
                Sunday 19th September : 12pm - 4pm

Prize Support?  -  Pack per win + 1 participation pack