Geek, Marry, Kill

Geek, Marry, Kill

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A card-based variant on the classic old game, where one of the existing verbs is replaced with a random new verb. Players secretly vote on which verb the Judge will choose for each of 3 given characters. They then take turns adding attributes to each of the candidates in an effort to sway the Judge's final decision to match their vote.

Players receive points for each correct guess and the Judge role rotates until each player has had a turn to be the Judge. Once each player has been the Judge once, the round ends; the player with the most points at the end of an unspecified number of rounds wins.

The game contains several sets of cards:

  • 3 purple cards for the original set of verbs
  • White cards containing alternate verbs
  • Green voting cards for each player
  • Black character cards
  • Red attribute cards
  • Orange cards to represent points